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My Brief


There has never been as much change in what and how people communicate as there has been recently. Most people access information using smartphones, tablets and laptops. They communicate with friends via social media. These changes have had a dramatic effect on traditional mediums (particularly print and TV) and the way PR services are delivered to the media. For clients, PR now combines a range of broader services to reach and communicate to a target audience.

AB Publicity provides a full range of services to cover everything you need for your show or event to generate the maximum possible exposure to drive awareness, word-of-mouth and consequently sales.


AB Publicity charges on a per-hour basis or flat fee (plus expenses, eg. phone, postage, transport, parking) for each project. Our costs for services are split up across 5 key areas:-


  • Overall PR Management (Consulting, use of lists/contacts, PR strategy, liaise with other communication providers, reporting).

  • Content Creation (creation of content for the general release and specific releases, the cost to create copy, images and video as required/agreed after an initial meeting).

  • Website Listings (includes listings in approximately 50 arts and events related websites).

  • Promotions (Implemented and coordinated in all media including print, radio, online and television).

  • Social Media (Use of AB Publicity Social Media accounts on Twitter and Facebook and creation of client specific accounts as required).


Please call us on 0413 949 140 or email us in confidence an outline of your requirements so that we can provide a quote.  


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